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Advisor meets KLNCE Alumni at Singapore on 24 Sep 2008

During recent visit to Singapore by the Advisor Dr T K Mahendra Babu, he conducted the KLNCE Alumni Singapore chapter meeting of the committee members on 24 September 2008. There are more than 20 members of KLNCE students working in Singapore. The chapter was inaugurated by our VP Dr LV Mohan earlier.


The meeting was attended by

1        Padmanabhan (94-98 BE Mech)..President

2        S Senthilkumar(94-98 BE –ECE)

3        Amarnath (94-98 BE Mech)

4        Jakova  (95-99 BE Mech )


5        Dr T K Mahendra Babu , Advisor, KLNCE


The students were briefed about the latest developments such as campus wide fibre optics networking, 8 Mbits/sec internet connectivity and developments in automation areas and increased intakes and accreditation of various departments. in the college. Advisor requested them to visit the college and share their experience with the current students when they visit India.

The meeting was held in a restaurant.

Inauguration of Alumni Chapter, Singapore
May 27, 2007 at East Coast Hotel, Singapore.
Chief Guest: Dr. L.V.MohanVice Principal, KLNCE.

President Mr. M.Padmanaban (94-98 Mech)
Vice President Mr. T.S.Srinathan (94-98 EEE)
Secretary Mr. N.Meenakshi Sundaram (94-98 EEE)
Joint Secretary Mr. B.B.Amarnath (94-98 Mech)