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1Workshop Three Day Workshop on " Principles of Extrusion Blow Moulding "Organized by Mech. Dept.Mar 16th - 18th '2017
2Workshop Department of Management Studies in association with IIPC-KLNCE Organizes workshop on ”Research Methods and Techniques”Mar 22nd ' 2017
3Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium - "Zeigen' 17"
Organized by CSE Dept.
Mar 24th '2017
4Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium Clusiter '17
Organized by IT Dept.
Mar 22nd ' 2017
5Skill Enhancement Program Three days Skill Enhancement Program on ANSYS FEA
Organized by Mech. Dept.
Mar 9th - 11th '2017
6Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium "I' Caliber 2K17"
Organized by EIE Dept.
Mar 31st '2017
7Sports Meet 23rd Annual Sports MeetMar 10th '2017
8Workshop Three day workshop on "Fundamentals on Injection Mould Design"
Organized by MECH Dept.
Mar 2ndto 4th' 2017
9Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium Propelz' 17
Organized by Automobile Dept.
Mar 23rd' 2017
10FDP Two Day Faculty Development Program on ANSYS CFD
Organized by MECH Dept.
Mar 3rd& 4th' 2017
11Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium "Reflechir '17"
Organized by ECE Dept.
Mar 20th '2017
12The National Science Day The National Science Day “TECHNO SCIENCE FESTIVAL” on 28-02-2017 organized jointly by KLNCESHA & IIPCFeb 28th '2017
13ISOI Student Convention 6th "ISOI Student Convention"
Organized by EIE Dept.
Apr 06th '2017
14Workshop Hands on Workshop on "FPGA Programming in Power and Control Applications” in association with IEI and IERIG.
Organized by EEE Dept.
Feb 24th & 25th '2017
15IEI Convention and All India Seminar 3rd IEI Tamilnadu State Centre Students' & Technician Convention and All India Seminar on "Innovation, Technology & Knowledge Economy"
organized by Mech Dept.
Mar 17th & 18th '2017
16KLNCESHA Guest Lecture under KLNCESHA titled “Application of Mathematics in the field of Engineering” by the Guest speaker Dr. R. Muthu Raj M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics H. H. Rajah’s College, Pudukkottai.
Organized by Maths Dept.
Feb 11th '2017
17Talent MEET 'DREAMZ' a Talent Event for Under Graduates, Organized by MBA Dept.Feb 23rd '2017
18Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium "Echelon 2k17"
Organized by EEE Dept.
Mar 09th '2017
19Technical Symposium Impelz' 2k17 - National Level Students Technical Symposium
Organized by Mech department.
Feb 25th 2017
20Founder's Day Founder's day Centenary CelebrationsDec 31st
21Workshop Two days Workshop on "VLSI Design Laboratory"
Organized by ECE department.
Jan 11th & 12th '2017
22FDTP SEVEN DAYS FDTP on "EC 6402 Communication Theory"
Organized by ECE Dept.
Dec 05th to 12th ' 2016
23Workshop Two days Workshop on "Embedded Systems and Application"
Organized by EEE department.
Dec 21st & 22nd ' 2016
24FDP Two Days Faculty Development Programme On "CS6801 Multi – Core Architectures and Programming", our registration extended till January 4th '2017 Organized by CSE department.Jan 05th & 06th '2017
25Workshop Workshop on "NS-3 Simulation and Emulation"
Organized by CSE department.
Dec 29th & 30th ' 2016
26Seminar Two days National Seminar on " RF, Antennas and MIC"
Organized by ECE department.
Dec 01st & 02nd ' 2016
27ISTE Staff Chapter Two weeks "Skill Development Programme for Supporting Staff" Organized by Mech department.Nov 07th to 18th '2016
28Workshop One day Workshop on"Graph Theory and Applications"
Organized by Maths department.
Sep 30th
29Club Inauguration of Maths Club "ODYSSEY"
Organized by MATHEMATICS Dept.
Sep 24th '2016
30KLNCESHA Inaugural Function of KLNCESHA - Organized by English department.Sep 16th '2016
31Technical Symposium VYUHAM '16 - Technical Symposium
Organized By MCA DEPT.
Sep 16th '2016
32Student Chapter "Installation of KLNCE ISHRAE Student's Chapter under ISHRAE Madurai Sub Chapter "
Organized by Mech Department.
Sep 06th 2016
33FDP Faculty Development Program on " Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving using New Technologies" Organized by EEE Department.Sep 15th and 16th '2016
34SDP Two day Skill Development Programme on " ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING" Organized by Mech Department.Sep 1st and 2nd ' 2016
35Short Term Course Short Term Course on Basics of C and C++ to Final Year B.E. Mechanical Engineering Students.
Organized by Mech Department.
Aug 5th to 26th '2016
36Workshop One Day Workshop on "PATH TRANSFORMATION"
Organized by Mech Department.
Aug 13th '2016
37Workshop Student Care Center Organizes a Two day workshop on ROBOTICS Supported by e-Yantra IIT Bombay.Aug 4th and 5th '2016
38Project Contest 3rd Version of Innovative Project Contest 2k16Sep 16th '2016
39Seminar TWO DAY ALL INDIA SEMINAR on "Research Issues in Supply Chain Management"Organized by Mech Department.Aug 19th and 20th '2016
40Workshop Two days Workshop at our Campus for IOT Challenge Contest at IIT Mumbai during December 2016Aug 19th and 20th '2016
41Orientation Programme Orientation Programme is Organized on 01-08-2016 for the First Year(2016-2017) BE,B.Tech students.Aug 01st '2016
42Seminar ISTE Sponsored Two Days Seminar on "Power Electronics Converters for Smart Grid Functionality using MATLAB"
Organized by EEE Department.
July 29th and 30th '2016
44Workshop Three Days Workshop On " CS6704 RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES"Organized by CSE Department.PostponedDate will be announce later
45FDTP SEVEN DAYS FDTP on " Automotive Electrical and Electronics systems (AT6502)" Organized by Automobile Dept.June 6th to 12th '2016
Organized by EEE Department.
May 11th,12th & 13th '2016
47FDP THREE DAY FDP ON ‘‘Design and Testing of Electronic Circuits”
Organized by EIE Department.
June 9th,10th & 11th '2016
48National Seminar IEEE-MADRAS SECTION Sponsored National Seminar on Application of Power Electronics in Polymer product Manufacturing .
Organized by EEE Department.
May 5th & 6th '2016
49Annual Day 2016 22nd College Annual DayApril 16th'2016
50Student Project Contest State Level Student Project Contest -" Mechpro 2K'16 "
Organized by Mech Department.
March 30th '2016
51Mini Project Contest Mini Project Contest for ECE Students(1st, 2nd & 3rd year) Collaboration with IETE Student's Chapter.March 21st '2016
52FDP Two day Faculty Development Programme On"HANDs on TRAINING in OPENCV and MATLAB for IMAGE & VIDEO PROCESSING"
Organized by ECE Dept.
March 19th & 20th '2016
53Graduation Day Graduation Day for the Student of Batch year 2011 - 2015 .March 26th '2016
54ISOI Student Convention 5th ISOI Student Convention Organized by EIE Department.April 1st '2016
55Competency Program Two Day Program on Employment Competency
Organized by English Department in Collaboration with IIPC.
March 8th & 9th'2016
56KLNCESHA Guest Lecture Guest Lecture on"Engineers with and without English Learning"
Organized by English Department.
March 9th'2016
57Workshop Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights & Innovations" Organized by Quality Circle – Advanced Research and Development (QC-ARD) March 4th'2016
58One day Event DREAMZ - 2016 Event for UG Students from Arts & Science and Engineering colleges in Southern Tamilnadu - Organized by MBA dept.
* Registration Form - Kindly fill it and mail to
March 3rd'2016
59Technical Symposium Impelz'16 - National Level Students Technical Symposium
Organized by Mech department.
March 11th
60Awareness Program "Awareness Program on Incubation Scheme"
Organized by The KLNCE - Business Incubation Centre in association with MSME - DI,Chennai.
Feb 10th '2016
61FDP Two day National Workshop On "Xilinx Vivado Design Flow & High Level Synthesis Flow Using Zynq"
Organized by ECE Department
Feb 11th & 12th '2016
62Workshop One Day Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights & Innovations"
organized by Quality Circle – Advanced Research Development Cell of K.L.N.C.E.
Jan 20th '2016
63National Workshop Two Days National Workshop on "SMART GRID" on 22nd and 23rd in association with THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS(INDIA).Jan 22nd & 23rd
64FDP Two day FDP on " EE6201-CIRCUIT THEORY " Organized by EIE dept.Jan 11th & 12th
65Alumni Meet Alumni Meet at JC Residency,Madurai .Nov 11th
66FDTP SEVEN DAYS FDTP on " EE6403-Discrete Time Systems and Signal Processing" Organized by EEE Dept.Dec 7th to Dec 14th' 2015
67Workshop Workshop on "Engineering Mathematics Through MATLAB"
Organized by Maths Department.
Nov 06th 2015
Organized by MCA Dept.Click here for Brochure & Registration Form.
Sep 30th &
Oct 1st ' 2015
69CLUB Inauguration of Maths Club "ODYSSEY"
Organized by MATHEMATICS Dept.
70National Workshop Two Days National Workshop on "Embedded Systems with ARM Microcontrollers"Organized by ECE Dept.Sep 8th & 9th
71Workshop Two Days Workshop on "PYTHON with NoSQL" in Collaboration with IIPC (Industry Institute Partnership Cell).
  • Click here for Brochure & Registration Form.
    Organized by MCA Dept
  • Sep 2nd & 3rd
    72Project Contest Innovative Project Contest 2k15Sep 15th'2015
    73National Seminar IEEE Sponsored National Seminar on "Recent Trends in Power Electronics converters and its Mathematical Modeling"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    Aug 13th 2015
    74Workshop Two Days Workshop on "Embedded Systems" in association with Engineering Staff College of India(ESCI), Hyderabad.
  • Click here for Brochure & Registration Form.
  • July 30th & 31st,2015
    75Alumni Meet 2015 Alumni meet at St. MARK'S HOTEL,4/1, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore-560001. on 28.06.2015 Sunday around 10.00a.m to 12.30p.m.June 28th
    76FDTP SEVEN DAYS FDTP ON " EE6303- Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications"
    Organized by EIE Department.
    June 15th to 21st
    77Workshop "NETWORK & CLOUD COMPUTING" - Workshop
    Organized by MCA Dept.
    April 11th
    78IEEE Sponsored National Seminar Two Days National Seminar on "Recent Trends in RF,Antennas and MIC"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    April 16th & 17th
    79Workshop Two Days Workshop on "3D Printing and 3D Scanning" in association with Engineering Staff College of India(ESCI), Hyderabad.March 27th & 28th
    80ISOI Student Convention 4th ISOI Student Convention - Organized by EIE Dept.March 31st
    81Workshop Two-Day Workshop on "Basics of LABVIEW and APPLICATIONS"
    Organized by Mech Dept.
    March 12th & 13th
    82Workshop Two days Workshop - "TI INDIA UNIVERSITY PROGRAM ON MSP430 LAUNCHPAD" Organized by ECE Dept.March 6th & 7th
    83Maths Club "ODYSSEY Maths Club" - Valedictory function
    Organized by Maths Dept.
    March 6th
    84National Conference "Modern Trends in Automobile Engineering 2015" - 3rd National Conference
    Organized by Automobile Dept.
    March 27th & 28th
    85Coaching Class Awareness Program on TANCET 2015 for Final Year UG Arts College students.Organized by MCA Dept. March 5th & 6th
    86Mini Project Contest IETE Sponsored Mini Project Contest - 2015
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    March 13th
    87Guest lecturer Industrial Automation Using PLC and SCADA
    Organised by EEE Dept.
    Feb 23rd
    88National Conference National Conference on "Creative & Innovative Practices and Trends in Management" Organized by MBA March 27th
    89Google Developer Group Event Google Developer Group Event for Girls - Organized by ECE Dept.Feb 21st
    90Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium - "ECHELON '15"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    Feb 28th
    91Short Flim Competition "Festival of Media Arts" - Short Flim Competition
    Organized by MCA Dept.
    Feb 25th
    92Graduation Day Graduation Day for the Student of Batch 2010 - 2014 .Feb 7th
    93FDP Two day Faculty Development Program on “Challenges in SMART GRID”Organized by EEE Dept.Feb 13th & 14th
    94Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium - "icaliber '15"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    Feb 24th
    95National Workshop Two day National Workshop On "Digital Custom IC Design"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    Feb 19th and 20th
    96KLNCESHA and ENGLISH ENGINE Guest Lecture on "English for Media " and "Short cuts to Acquire Language Proficiency "
    Organized by English Dept.
    Jan 24th
    97Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium - "REFLECHIR '15" Organized by ECE Dept.Feb 26th
    98Technical Symposium National Level Technical Symposium on "MINI PROJECT CONTEST" Organized by EEE Dept.Feb 28th
    99FDP One day Faculty Development Program on “AUTODESK EDUCATION DAY”
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    Jan 30th
    100Workshop One day Workshop on Google Developers(Micro Electronics Club) organized by ECE Dept.Jan 31st
    101Workshop Three days Workshop on "Embedded Building Blocks Using Arduino Hands ON"
    Organised by ECE Department.
    Dec 29 to 31st
    102Workshop Two days Workshop on "VLSI Design Laboratory"
    Organized by ECE dept.
    Jan 9th & 10th
    103FDTP Seven Days FDTP on "CS2353 & Object Oriented Analysis and Design"
    Organized by CSE.
    Dec 15th to Dec 22nd, 2014.
    104Workshop Three day workshop on "Arduino Hands on for Young Innovators"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    December 08th to 10th, 2014
    105Guest Lecture Guest Lecture on Facing the University Exams with Language Skills
    Organized by English Department.Click here..
    106Boxing Tournament Anna University Inter_Zonal Boxing M/W Tournament on 25-10-2014 & 26-10-201425 & 26-10-2014
    107Technical Lecture and Felicitation Indian Mars Mission - Mangalyan14-10-2014
    108Workshop Two day Workshop on "Inter Disciplinary Workshop on Design and Development of Small Satellites" in association with Engineering Staff College of India(ESCI),Hyderabad.Organized by ESCI & KLNCE.26th & 27th-Dec' 2014.
    109Alumni Meet Alumni Meet at JC Residency,Madurai .23-10-2014
    110English Club English Club Engine - Organized by English Dept.23-09-2014
    111Symposium Zeigen' 14 - National Level Technical Symposium
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    112Human Reasources Meet Manush'14 - Human Resource Meet 13-09-2014
    113Workshop Two-day workshop on "Embedded Systems with µC/OS-II and Keil-RTX RTOS for Researchers" Organized by ECE Dept.18 & 19-09-2014
    114Symposium Clusiter '14 - National Level Technical Symposium.
    Organized by IT Dept.
    115Symposium Impelz' 14 - National Level Technical Symposium.
    Organized by Mech Dept.
    116Workshop National QuadCopter Championship and a workshop series jointly being organized by Association with iFest IIT (Roorkee) & Revert Technology Pvt. Ltd09 & 10-10-2014
    117State Level Technical Symposium VYUHAM '14 - State Level Technical Symposium
    Organized By MCA DEPT.
    118NATIONAL SEMINAR Recent Trends in Novel Materials for Technical Applications
    (RTNTA 2014) - Organized by Physics Dept.Click here....
    * Abstract submission deadline up to 18th August 2014.
    * Spot registration is acceptable.
    18 & 19-09-2014
    119National Seminar APQI National Seminar on “Total Power Quality Management”30-05-2014
    120Annual Day 20th College Annual Day of K.L.N.College of Engineering will be held on 12-04-2014 (Saturday) @10.45 am Venue: Indoor Statium12-04-2014
    121Seminar Two Day Seminar on "Techniques for Medical Image Analysis"
    Organized by EIE Dept
    21 & 22-04-2014
    122Inauguration Solar Power Plant Inauguration07-03-2014
    123Workshop Two day Workshop "Industrial Safety Management"
    Organized by Mech Dept.
    03 & 04-04-2014
    124Symposium National Level Technical Symposium Propelz' 14
    Organized by Automobile Dept.
    125THE QUIZ CONTEST Founder's Day and National Science Day Celebration
    Organized by Maths Dept.
    126Free Coaching Class "FREE COACHING CLASS"
    (Best View in Google Chrome Browser)
    05-03-2014 and 06-03-2014
    127Project Contest AICTE sponsored "INNOVATIVE PROJECT CONTEST 2K14"
    (Best View in Google Chrome Browser)
    128Workshop Two days Workshop on "Antenna Simulation & Measurement using ADS and Vector Network Analyzer" Organized by ECE.27 & 28-02-2014
    129Workshop Two days Workshop on "National Network Security Championship" Organized by Student Care Centre.06 & 07-02-2014
    130Technical Workshop CSIR Sponsored Technical Workshop on
    30 & 31-01-2014
    1312014 International Conference The International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET'14)21 & 22-03-2014
    132Indian Engineering Congress – 2013 Indian Engineering Congress – 2013
    IE-ITR SESSION- 21 December, 2013
    20 to 22-12-2013
    133FDP Anna University Sponsored FDP on " CONTROL SYSTEMS "
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    09 to 15-12-2013
    134Workshop Two days workshop on
    "Testing and Servicing of Electronic Equipments" Organized by EIE Dept.
    15 & 16-11-2013
    135Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) sponsored by Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Government of Tamilnadu,Chennai.04 to 06-11-2013
    136Workshop Two days Workshop on
    "Writing Technical Articles Using LaTex"
    Organized By MCA DEPT.
    08 & 09-11-2013
    137AICTE Sponsored FDP FDP on "Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Techniques" Organized By MECH DEPT.06-11-2013 to 20-11-2013
    138ISTE Sponsored Seminar One Day Seminar on "Funding Proposals for Research and Development" Organized by EEE Dept.26-10-2013
    139Workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON
    "Secured Computer Network Design"
    Organized By CSE DEPT.
    25 & 26-10-2013
    140MILAN2K13 MILAN2K13 Organized by MBA.07-11-2013
    141Inauguration Function Inauguration function of "ODESSEY" Organized by Maths Dept.04-10-2013
    142Seminar One Day Seminar on "Power Electronics Applications in Solar and Wind Energy using MATLAB" Organized by EEE Dept.04-10-2013
    143Workshop Two day Workshop on “LEAN MANUFACTURING PRACTICES” Organized By MECH DEPT.03 & 04-10-2013
    144Workshop One day Workshop on “Recent Trends in 4G/LTE” Organized By ECE DEPT.05-09-2013
    145FDP Two Day FDP on "Recent Trends in Power System Operation Stability and control" Organized by EEE Dept.13 & 14-09-2013
    146Workshop One day Workshop on “SDR Based Wireless Communication System Design” Organized By ECE DEPT.06-09-2013
    147Workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON
    "VLSI Design Flow with hands-on for Academicians"
    Organized By ECE DEPT.
    23 & 24-08-2013
    148National Workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON
    "Recent Trends in Composite Materials and its Applications"
    Organized By MECH DEPT.
    13 & 14-08-2013
    149Workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON
    Organized By MECH DEPT.
    13 & 14-09-2013
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    13 & 14-08-2013
    151Valedictory Function Valedictory Function of “KLNCESHA”
    Organized by Maths Dept.
    152Sports Day 19thSports Day04-04-2013
    153Annual Day 19th Annual Day05-04-2013
    154FDP AICTE Sponsored FDP on " Advances in Microwave and Optical Communication Technologies"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    29-04-2013 to 12-05-2013
    155FDP Faculty Development Programme on "Teaching Methodology for Machine Design"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    29-04-2013 to 12-05-2013
    156National Conference National Conference on "INNOVATIVE BUSINESS STRATEGIES IN MANAGEMENT"
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    157Workshop Three day Workshop On "ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARNESS CAMP"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    12-03-2013 to 14-03-2013
    158Seminar One day Seminar On "Research Issues in Science & Technology & Successful Publication in referred Journals"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    17-05-2013(Rescheduled date)
    159CLUB Inauguration of Maths Club "ODYSSEY"
    Organized by MATHEMATICS Dept.
    160National Conference National Conference on "MODERN TRENDS IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING"
    Organized by Automobile Engineering Dept.
    03-04-2013 & 04-04-2013
    161Workshop ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON
    “Hands-on Training on Software Testing Tools "
    Organized By MCA DEPT.
    “Real Time Hands on Training - PIC Microcontroller and ARM Processor"
    Organized By EIE DEPT.
    08-04-2013 to 10-04-2013
    163Workshop TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON
    “Lab View & its Applications”
    Organized By EIE DEPT.
    01-02-2013 & 02-02-2013
    164Symposium ECHELON''13

    Organized by EEE Department
    165Training Program "Soft Skill Training Program for India Postal Department Officials @KLNCE on 17-01-2013 & 18-01-2013 "
    17-01-2013 & 18-01-2013
    166National Seminar National Seminar on "Mathematical Modeling,Approximate Analytical and Numerical Methods "

    Organized by Dept. of Mathematics
    27-12-2012 & 28-12-2012
    167FDP Faculty Development Training Programme On "HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER "
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    03-12-2012 to 10-12-2012
    168Training Program "Soft Skill Training Programme for India Post Officials @KLNCE on 03-11-2012 & 17-11-2012 "
    03-11-2012 & 17-11-2012
    169Workshop One day Workshop On "Recent trends in DIP and Graphics & Multimedia "
    Organized by IT Dept.
    170MATH CARNIVAL 2012 To celebrate National Mathematical Year 2012, the Dept. of Maths. has planned to conduct “MATH CARNIVAL 2012”...12-10-2012
    171Workshop One day Workshop On "Hands on training - Scilab"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    172Workshop Two day workshop On "Industrial Safety Management"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    12-10-2012 & 13-10-2012
    173Workshop One day workshop On "ARM 7 Microcontrollers "
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    174Symposium MILAN'12

    Organized by MBA Department
    175Project Contest One Day " Project Contest - 2012 "
    Organized by MCA Dept.
    176Workshop Two day's National Level workshop On "RoboTryst - 2013"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    09-10-12 & 10-10-12
    177Symposium Caliber'12

    Organized by EIE Department
    178FDP FDP On "Hands-on Training on Power System Software"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    179Workshop One day "Hands on Workshop on Programming Real Time Digital Signal Processor"
    Organized by IETE Students Chapter
    180Symposium Reflechir'12

    Organized by ECE Department
    181Seminar One day workshop On "Grid Management in Power System"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    182Graduation Day 14th Graduation Day11-08-2012
    183Annual Day 18th Annual Day24-04-2012
    184Workshop One day workshop On "Product Design Analysis Using Hypermesh"
    Organized by Automobile Dept.
    185National Workshop Two Day Workshop On "Control System Design Using LabVIEW"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    03-04-2012 & 04-04-2012
    186Seminar Seminar On "Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Sources and its Applications"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    187FDP FDP On "Research Methods and Techniques"
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    17-03-2012 to 19-03-2012
    188National Conference National Conference on "ATT’12 – Advanced Telecommunication Technologies’12"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    03-04-2012 & 04-04-2012
    189Workshop ISTE sponsored one day workshop On "Hands on training with Matlab"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    190KLNCE - MSTechoClub "Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra 2012"
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    191KLNCE-CSI Convention "2ndNational Level Students' Convention"
    Organized by IT Dept.
    192ISOI Students Convention One day "ISOI Students Convention"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    193Sports Meet 18th Annual Sports Meet29 & 30-03-2012
    194Student Workshop Two Day Workshop On "Embedded System Design Using Pic Microcontroller"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    05-03-2012 & 06-03-2012
    195National Conference A 2nd National Conference on "Instrumentation Measurement Automation & Control"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    196Workshop Two day's National workshop On "Recent Approach in Energy Management and Saving"Organized by EEE Dept.24-02-2012 & 25-02-2012
    197Symposium PROPELZ'12

    Organized by AUTO. Department
    198Workshop Two day workshop On "Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions"
    Organized by Auto. Dept.
    10-02-2012 & 11-02-2012
    199National Conference The 3rd National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    02-04-2012 & 03-04-2012
    200Workshop One day Workshop On "Modern Communication Techniques – A Practical Approach"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    201National Seminar Two Day National Seminar on "Research Issues in Bio Image Processing"

    Organized by EIE
    24-02-2012 & 25-02-2012
    202FDP FDP On "Research Issues and Optimization In Cloud Computing"

    Organized by CSE
    10-02-2012 & 11-02-2012
    203National Conference The Third National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Power Systems"

    Organized by EEE Dept.
    204Founder’s Day Founder’s Day Celebration04-01-2012 to 06-01-2012
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    07-12-2011 to 10-12-2011
    206Management Meet "MILAN 2k11", a State level intercollegiate Management Meet
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    207Workshop Two day workshop On "Digsilent, ETAP & Power world Simulator Appl. to PS"Organized by EEE Dept.20-10-2011 & 21-10-2011
    208Workshop Two day workshop On "FEA Applications In Strength Of Materials"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    29-09-2011 & 30-09-2011
    209Workshop Two day workshop On "ANN, PSO & DE Appl. For Optimization Problems"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    23-09-2011 & 24-09-2011
    210Symposium VYUHAM11

    Organized by MCA Department
    211Workshop Two day workshop On "Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    09-09-2011 & 10-09-2011
    212Symposium Zeigen11

    Organized by CSE Department
    213Short-Term Course Short-term course (35 hours) on "Developing programming Skills in JAVA"
    Organized by IT Dept.
    Started From 08-08-2011
    214Workshop Two day Workshop On "Microwave Lab"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    28-07-2011 & 29-07-2011
    215Workshop One day Workshop On "UBUNTU FOR ALL"
    Organized by IT Dept.
    216SDP One day SDP On "Evolutionary Algorithms in Research"
    Organized by IT Dept.
    217FDP FDP On "Emerging Trends & Research Issues in Mobile Adhoc Networks"
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    27-06-2011 to 01-07-2011
    218Workshop Two day workshop On "Research Issues in Power System Engineering"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    09-05-2011 & 10-05-2011
    219National Conference Emerging Trends and Challenges in Customer Relationship Management -2011
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    220SEMINAR One day National Seminar On "Emerging Trends in Nanotechnology and Applications"
    Organized by Chemistry Dept.
    221KLN Trophy 4th State Level Inter Engineering College Cricket Tournament 06-04-2011 to 09-04-2011
    222Workshop One day Workshop On "System On Chip - PSoc"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    223FDP Two day FDP On "Research Issues In Process Control"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    20-04-2011 & 21-04-2011
    Organized by ISTE Students Chapter
    225FDP Two day FDP On RPDC’11 "Random Process and Digital Communication"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    05-04-2011 & 06-04-2011
    226Annual Day 17th Annual Day25-03-2011
    227FDP Two day FDP On "Research Methodologies in Data Mining"
    Organized by IT Dept.
    24-03-2011 & 25-03-2011
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    25-03-2011 & 26-03-2011
    229National Level Technical Event TECSTASY'11
    Organized by SAEINDIA KLNCE Collegiate Club(Auto. Engg.)
    17-03-2011 & 18-03-2011
    230FDP Two day FDP On TMTSD'11-"Teaching Methodology for Transmission System Design"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    18-03-2011 & 19-03-2011
    231FDP Two day FDP On "Finite Element Analysis"
    Organized by AUTO. Dept.
    04-03-2011 & 05-03-2011
    232Graduation Day 13th Graduation Day12-03-2011
    233Sports Meet 17th Annual Sports Meet16-03-2011
    Organized by Auto. Dept.
    235KLNCE-CSI KLNCE-CSI National Level Students’ Convention
    Organized by KLNCE-CSI Students' Chapter
    236FDP Two day FDP On "Image Processing Algorithms & Its Applications"
    Organized by MCA Dept.
    11-02-2011 & 12-02-2011
    237Workshop Two day workshop On "MATLAB, PSIM and POWERWORLD SIMULATOR"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    11-02-2011 & 12-02-2011
    238FDP One day FDP On "Computational Finance and Scientific Computing"
    Organized by IT & MBA Dept.
    239WINGS2011 National Conference on “Wireless Information and Networking in Global Systems”08-04-2011 & 09-04-2011
    Organized by CSE Dept.
    27-01-2011 & 28-01-2011
    241Long Service Award Our Management will be happy to honour the staff members who have 10 years / 15 years of service 31-12-2010
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    02-02-2011 - 04-02-2011
    243Workshop Two day workshop On "Digital Image Processing Applications And Challenges"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    07-01-2011 & 08-01-2011
    244Training Programme Induction Training Programme for Technical Teachers
    Oragnized by Anna University for Tech., Madurai and KLNCE
    29-11-10 To 03-12-10
    245Workshop One day workshop On "MATLAB for Beginners"
    Organized by ISTE Student Chapter.
    246Conference One day conference on Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework
    Organized by MS Techno Club
    247Workshop Two day workshop On "Circuit Design Using Labview"
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    30-09-10 & 01-10-10
    248Workshop Workshop On "Internet Applications On Microsoft Platform"
    Organized by MCA Dept.
    249Symposium MiLAN'10

    Organized by MBA Department
    250Workshop Two day workshop On "Research Methodology"
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    24 & 25-09-2010
    251Workshop Students are here by informed that a workshop on “Certificate in Java Programming”.... Organized by ICTACT and IT Dept.13-09-10 to 30-10-10
    252Mini – Hardware Project contest The Department of ECE is organizing an intra departmental Mini–Hardware Project contest for II & III Year ECE Students16-09-2010
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    254Workshop One day workshop On "Energy Audit and Management"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    255Symposium Impelz'10

    Organized by MECH. Department
    256Workshop Two days workshop On "Operation Research and Its Engineering Applications"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    02 & 03-09-10
    257Symposium icaliber'10

    Organized by EIE Department
    258Workshop One day workshop On "Digital signal processing And its Applications"
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    259Symposium Echelon'10

    Organized by EEE Department
    260Training Program JAVA - ICTACT Training Program - J2EE and Best Practices in Java Organized by ICTACT and IT Dept.11-08-10 to 19-08-10
    261Mini – Hardware Project contest The Department of EIE is organizing an intra departmental Mini–Hardware Project contest for II & III Year B.E/ B.Tech17-09-2010
    262Symposium Reflechir'10

    Organized by ECE Department
    263Workshop One day workshop for all Second year students on “New trends in Open Source” for registration www.freecodeclub.com27-07-2010
    264Workshop “Embedded & DSP Design Flow Workshop in Xilinx Platform for Researchers"
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    29 & 30-07-2010
    265Workshop Concepts on VLSI with XILINX products
    Workshop - Organized by ECE Dept.,KLNCE.
    FDP - Organized by CSE Dept.,KLNCE and BSNL.
    23 & 24-07-2010
    267National Seminar Managing E-Resources
    National Seminar - Organized by Library,KLNCE and SALIS Madurai Chapter
    268Technical Events QUIVER’10 - National Level Technical Events organized by SAEINDIA KLNCE Collegiate Club26-03-2010
    269Worshop Recent Trends in Embedded System Design : 8051 & ARM Processor
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    26 & 27-03-2010
    270Sports Meet 16th Sports Meet18.03.2010
    271Workshop Engine Management System

    Organized by Auto. Department
    272Graduation Day 12th Graduation Day10.04.2010
    273Annual Day 16th Annual Day19-03-2010
    274Workshop RTPQMT ‘10 -Recent Trends In Power Quality And Measuring Techniques
    Organized by EEE Dept.
    12 & 13-03-2010
    275Workshop Research, Funding & Patent Methodologies In Engineering and Technology
    Organized by ECE Dept.
    04 & 05-03-2010
    276National Conference Emerging Trends and Challenges in HRM-2010
    Organized by MBA Dept.
    277Workshop NANOEA 10
    Nano Engineering and Applications
    Organized byMECH.Dept.
    25 & 26-02-2010
    278Symposium Vyuham10

    Organized by MCA Department
    279Symposium Propelz10

    Organized by Auto. Department
    280Symposium Technocrats10

    Organized by IT Department
    281Symposium Zeigen10

    Organized by CSE Department
    282Workshop Modeling and Simulation Of Manufacturing Systems Using Witness
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    04, 05 - 02- 10
    283Workshop Recent Trends in Thermal Engineering

    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    284National Conference ETAM-2010
    Emerging Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing
    Organized by MECH. Dept.
    22nd - 23rd April 2010
    285National Conference ETPS -2010
    Emerging Trends in Power Systems-2010

    Organized by EEE Dept.
    6th & 7th May 2010
    286National Conference IMAC‘10
    Instrumentation Measurement Automation And Control – ’10
    Organized by EIE Dept.
    April 16th 2010
    287National Conference ATT'10
    Advanced Telecommunication Technology

    Organized by ECE Dept.
    March 31st & 01st April 2010
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