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Rules and Regulations

Management of K.L.N. College of Engineering is keen on character building for the students, besides providing opportunity for skill development in their chosen fields of engineering.  For students in their formative age, character building is essential and that they are given certain norms to establish disciplined behavior in the class rooms, in the campus, in the society to keep the high traditions of the college and to become proud graduates of KLN College of Engineering


It is expected of all students that they maintain highest order of discipline.  Any kind of indiscipline will be severely dealt with.

Students shall obey all orders, and instructions issued by the Principal and by the members of staff from time to time.

Students not complying with any of the rules / regulation are liable to be fined, suspended or dismissed from the institute, depending on the gravity of the offence.

Ragging & Eve – Teasing

Ragging, Eve – Teasing and smoking are totally prohibited.  Any violation will result in dismissal from the college and consequent legal action for this offence.

Ragging is prohibited within or outside of any educational institution and Government of Tamilnadu had passed Act No.7 of 1997 prohibiting Ragging in any form.

As per the Act whoever participates in ragging directly or indirectly within or outside any educational institution shall be punished with imprisonment and also liable to a fine upto Rs.10,000/-

Fees Payments

Fees to be paid in full before the last date announced by the college, part payment is not allowed.  If the fees not paid before the due date, the student will not be permitted to attend the class and marked as absent and they will not be eligible for any merit awards.  Examination fees to be paid before the due date, late payments will not be accepted and the cannot appear for University Exams.

General Behaviour

Being co-educational institute students shall maintain good dignity and manners with opposite sex.  Any indecent behavior will be viewed seriously and severe action will be taken by the Principal.

Every student shall handle the college property and furniture in such a way as to preserve them from damage and he/she shall not do any writing on walls, furniture and class room boards.  Cost of any such damage shall be recovered individually or collectively from the students, besides taking disciplinary action.

Students should have the practice of depositing the waste packets and papers into the dust bins and should not carry with them and throw by the road side.

Using Crackers within the college or hostel campus even during festivals is strictly forbidden.

No Society, association or club shall be formed without prior written permission of the Principal.

Students shall not take law into their hands with servants of the college and hostel and all complaints about them shall be made to the Principal for necessary redressal.

Students’ functions, parties, meeting etc., shall be arranged only within the campus with prior written approval of the Principal.

Dress Regulation

College uniform norms to be followed.  The hippie look in dress and hair style must be avoided.  Students violating the dress regulations will not be permitted to attend the classes and marked as absent.

Mobile Phones

Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus and buses

Identity Cards

Every student should keep his Identity Card in his personal possession and should produce on demand by any member of staff of the college and also any service desk when he/she requires service.  In case the ID card is lost, a duplicate may be obtained after paying necessary fees.


Pass holders of the college buses should occupy their seats or stand inside the bus but should not stand on the foot boards.  Buses will stop only at scheduled places.  Any misbehavior in the bus will be treated severely.  Student can board/travel only in the bus allotted to him/her.  Students coming by two wheelers should wear helmat compulsorily, tripic riding is not permitted.

Library Rules

Absolute silence shall be observed in the library and reading room.  Students when receiving books are expected to examine them for any damages found in them.  If so they must return to the librarian before they leave the library.  Failure to do will render them liable to pay for the damages that may be noticed afterwards.
Students shall not write or make any mark upon or damage in any way in the books, periodicals, manuscripts or maps belonging to library.
The Librarian is empowered to order out any student who misbehaves in the library.

Attendance and Leave

Students are required to be regular in their attendance.  No student shall abstain himself from classes without obtaining prior sanction for leave from the concerned tutors.  For leave, more than 3 days prior permission from Principal is required.  A student joining after medical leave, should produce Medical certificate from Registered Medical practitioner.
Attendance is compulsory on both the reopening and closing days of every term and no application for leave excepting the cases of sickness will be entertained.  In case of sickness Medical Certificate shall be furnished.  Bridging any holiday with the adjoining working day is strictly prohibited.

General Rules

The Principal shall have powers to fine, suspend or even expel a student from the college in the interest of the institution under disciplinary action. Once action is taken by the Principal, it will never be revoked under any circumstance.  No influence or pressure will have any effect on the college or hostel authorities in this regard.

Other Matters

Any matter involving breach of discipline will be dealt with as per rules.
SMS message on Students attendance, Test marks, Anna University exam marks, Class Suspension, Training Programme, Schedule of University Theory and Practical exams, Cancellation of exam / Postponement of exam, Etc. will be sent periodically.  For non-receipt of the SMS message, parents are requested to contact Mr. O.R.Kannan (ISSG)

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