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The Department of Mechanical Engineering feels proud that it is recognized as the "RESEARCH CENTRE" by Anna University of Technology, Madurai for offering Doctoral Degree programs.

Dr. M.R.Thansekhar, HOD/Mech and Dr. A.N.Balaji, Professor are recognized Ph.D supervisors of Anna University of Technology, Madurai for guiding Ph.D scholars.

Major Research Area includes:

  • Composite Technology
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Surface Engineering
  • Operations Research
Ph.D. Part-time FacultyDate : 01-09-2015
Name of the Staff
Name of the Topic
with effect from
Name of the Institution / University
1. Mr.G.R.Kathiresan Professor Mech. Engg. Mechanical Engg. July 2007 Anna University , Chennai.
2. Mr.A.M.Nagarajan Associate Professor 1 Mech. Engg. Surface modification of Stain Steel / Aluminium by Electro-deposition of alloys 10.01.2011 Anna University , Chennai.
3. Mr.G.M.Nagarajan Associate Professor 1 Mech. Engg. Simulation of Emission characteristics in C.I. Engines using Ethanol blends 10.01.2011
4. Mrs.C.Anbu Meenakshi Assistant Professor 2 Mech. Engg. Heat Transfer studies in casting process 10.01.2011
5. Mr.V.Sivaram Kumar AP (Sr.Gr.) Mech. Engg. Vehicle Routing Problem 21.10.2009 Anna University , Chennai.
6. Mr.D.Satheesh Pandian AP (Sr.Gr.) Mech. Engg. Mechanical 21.10.2009
7. Mr.P.Sabarinath Associate Professor 1 Mech. Engg. Production Engg. 21.10.2009
8. Mr.D.Muthukrishnan Assistant Professor 2 Mech. Engg. Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Jan. 2012 Anna University , Chennai.
9. Mr.R.Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor 2 Mech. Engg. Experimental Investigation of Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Metals Jan. 2012 Anna University , Chennai.
10. Mr.N.Nagasubramanian Assistant Professor 2 Mech.
Experimental Investigation of Effect of Nano Particle Coating Heat Transfer Enhancement July 2012 Anna University , Chennai.
11. Mrs.A.Hemalatha AP (SG) Mech.Engg Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites Jan. 2014 Anna University , Chennai.
12. Mr.G.Sankaranarayanan Assistant Professor 2 Mech.Engg Experimental Investigation of Metal Forming Processes using Crystallographic Texture Analysis Jan. 2014 Anna University , Chennai.
13. Mr.K.J.Nagarajan Assistant Professor 2 Mech.Engg Prediction of Mechanical Properties and analysis of delamination parameter in drilling and milling of hybrid natural fiber reinforced polymer composites July 2014 Anna University , Chennai.
14. Mr.G.R.Raghav Assistant Professor 2 Mech.Engg A Tribological Study of Fe based Nanocomposite July 2015 Anna University , Chennai.
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